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  • ALN01-60B


Equivalent: FCTFLPP601N

General Information

Compared to conventional cartridge filters, AquaLine ALN01-60B saves money by lowering capital cost and operating costs. When comparing filters with the same efficiencies or Beta ratings, nothing outperforms the cost/performance value achieved with AquaLine. Whether it is for process water, waste water, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, or other fluids for pre-filtration, guard filtration or final filtration, AquaLine is the right choice.

The AquaLine system utilizes proven CodeLine corrosion resistant FRP pressure vessels which can provide considerable reduction in capital expenditure over metallic offerings. The housings make use of a quick opening closure that does not require tools allowing access to the element in seconds.
Additionally, each housing accepts a single element providing both efficient and convenient change-outs.

This innovative element design allows for the elimination of the many additional components (caps, springs, guide posts, etc) required to seal and secure conventional filters in housings. The simplified design affords significantly easier element change-outs while assuring effective sealing and high efficiency particle removal. The elements provide an integral molded handle further easing access and removal.
AquaLine filters are available with a broad range of media types and micron ratings to match requirements of the application.

Unlike conventional housings, AquaLine Systems are modular to offer configurations for flow rates ranging from 50 gpm to 10,000 gpm. AquaLine systems can also be connected to pump, multi-media bed, adsorption,neutralization and membrane modules to provide you with multiple process solutions.


ELEMENT TYPE: AQUALINE Fluid Process element


Proprietary PolyForm media formulation comprised of 100% polypropylene micro-fibers cross-linked into a Locked

Pore Structure specifically designed to separate particulate from high flow liquid streams

MEDIA EFFICIENCY: 1 micron (Nominal)


SEALS: Buna-N O-Rings


CONFIGURATION: Single Open End; Outside-in Flowing


Nominal Length: 60” (152.4 cm)

Nominal O. D.: 6.75” (17.15 cm)


Recommended change out 25-30 PSID (based on process limits)

Maximum Operating Temperature is 130°F. (54.4°C)

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