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  • PRO10-30 Equivalent
PRO10-30 Equivalent

PRO10-30 Equivalent

Equivalent, equivalence, replacement, alternative, analog, retrofit, analogue, derivative, substitution: Parker Probond Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge

Full Equivalent List: Parker Fulflo Probond PRO2-9, PRO2-10, PRO2-19, PRO2-20, PRO2-29, PRO2-30, PRO2-39, PRO2-40, PRO5-9, PRO5-10, PRO5-19, PRO5-20, PRO5-29, PRO5-30, PRO5-39, PRO5-40, PRO10-9, PRO10-10, PRO10-19, PRO10-20, PRO10-29, PRO10-30, PRO10-39, PRO10-40, PRO25-9, PRO25-10, PRO25-19, PRO25-20, PRO25-29, PRO25-30, PRO25-39, PRO25-40, PRO50-9, PRO50-10, PRO50-19, PRO50-20, PRO50-29, PRO50-30, PRO50-39, PRO50-40, PRO75-9, PRO75-10, PRO75-19, PRO75-20, PRO75-29, PRO75-30, PRO75-39, PRO75-40, PRO125-9, PRO125-10, PRO125-19, PRO125-20, PRO125-29, PRO125-30, PRO125-39, PRO125-40, PRO150-9, PRO150-10, PRO150-19, PRO150-20, PRO150-29, PRO150-30, PRO150-39, PRO150-40, PRO200-9, PRO200-10, PRO200-19, PRO200-20, PRO200-29, PRO200-30, PRO200-39, PRO200-40, PRO250-9, PRO250-10, PRO250-19, PRO250-20, PRO250-29, PRO250-30, PRO250-39, PRO250-40

General Information

FCTRPR3010 is manufactured as an equivalent, replacement, alternative, retrofit, analogue, derivative and substitution for PRO10-30 Parker Probond resin bonded filter cartridge.
TaRex series phenolic resin bonded filter cartridges, also known as phenolic resin fiber filter cartridges, are filter cartridges that use high-pressure resin fiber for processing and synthesis. The surface of the filter cartridge is formed with a layer of resin fiber filaments, and the internal compression structure is strong and durable.

TaRex series phenolic resin composite filter cartridge has a unique and patented two-layer structure filter design to ensure the maximum particle removal effect and the life of viscous fluid filtration, adapting to high-temperature, high-viscosity fluid filtration containing phenolic or resin raw materials.
Due to its high filtration efficiency and long-lasting life span, it has been unanimously recognized by customers. At present, TaRex resin bonded filter cartridges are widely used in ink filtration, water filtration, oil field oil filtration, petrochemical industry filtration, and high-viscosity liquid filtration, etc.
Due to its unique manufacturing process, it has the characteristics of rigidity, resin reinforcement and progressive structure, thus avoiding the disadvantages of bypass, leakage and penetration of other flexible and deformable filter cartridges (such as melt blown filter cartridges, string wound filter cartridges and spiral wound filter cartridges).


  • High quality raw material
  • High thermal and chemical resistance
  • Simple and economical cartridge replacement
  • Expanded removal ratings


  • The external spiral structure increases the surface area while reducing the loose debris and pollution of machine-made products.
  • The extremely long acrylic fiber increases the fiber length and can resist the damage and fiber movement of the phenolic resin filter cartridge.
  • The injection of phenolic resin enhances the viscosity of the filter cartridge which can be used for fluids up to 15,000 SSU (3200 cks).
  • Optimized structure ensures no medium pollution.
  • Flow rate up to 5 gpm (about 2.3 m3/h) per 10 inch long filter cartridge.


  • Paints
  • Printing inks
  • Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Emulsions
  • Chemical coatings
  • Organic solvents
  • Petroleum products
  • Process water
  • Oilfield fluids
  • Animal oils
  • Waxes
  • Plasticizers etc.


Materials of Structure:
• Filtration Media: Acrylic Fiber + Phenolic Resin
• FCRP: Outer Diameter: 65 mm, Inner Diameter: 28 mm
• Length: 9.75″, 10″, 19.5″, 20″, 29.25″, 30″, 39″, 40″

Removal Ratings:
• 1 μm, 2 μm, 3 μm, 5 μm, 10 μm, 20 μm, 50 μm, 75 μm, 100 μm, 125 μm, 150 μm, 200 μm, 250 μm
Operating Conditions
  • Recommended change-out differential pressure: 2.4 bar (35 psi)
  • Maximum differential pressure:
4.8 bar (70 psi) @ 20°C (68°F)
2.8 bar (40 psi) @ 65°C (150°F)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 145°C (293°F)
Ordering Guide



Nominal Length

Removal Rating





=Phenolic Resin




=1 μm
=2 μm
=3 μm
=5 μm
=10 μm
=20 μm
=50 μm
=75 μm
=100 μm
=125 μm
=150 μm
=200 μm
=250 μm


=222+ Fin






=PFA Encapsulated

* Example model: FCRPPR30150 means RexPure Phenolic Resin Filter Cartridge, 30", 150 μm, DOE, OD 65 mm, ID 28 mm.
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PRO10-29TC-N, PRO10-29TC-S, PRO10-29TC-T, PRO10-29TC-V, PRO10-30NTC-E, PRO10-30NTC-N, PRO10-30NTC-S, PRO10-30NTC-T, PRO10-30NTC-V, PRO10-30TC-E, PRO10-30TC-N, PRO10-30TC-S, PRO10-30TC-T, PRO10-30TC-V, PRO10-39NTC-E, PRO10-39NTC-N, PRO10-39NTC-S, PRO10-39NTC-T, PRO10-39NTC-V, PRO10-39TC-E, PRO10-39TC-N, PRO10-39TC-S, PRO10-39TC-T, PRO10-39TC-V, PRO10-40NTC-E, PRO10-40NTC-N, PRO10-40NTC-S, PRO10-40NTC-T, PRO10-40NTC-V, PRO10-40TC-E, PRO10-40TC-N, PRO10-40TC-S, PRO10-40TC-T, PRO10-40TC-V, PRO25-19NTC-E, PRO25-19NTC-N, PRO25-19NTC-S, PRO25-19NTC-T, PRO25-19NTC-V, PRO25-19TC-E, PRO25-19TC-N, PRO25-19TC-S, PRO25-19TC-T, PRO25-19TC-V, PRO25-20NTC-E, PRO25-20NTC-N, PRO25-20NTC-S, PRO25-20NTC-T, PRO25-20NTC-V, PRO25-20TC-E, PRO25-20TC-N, PRO25-20TC-S, PRO25-20TC-T, PRO25-20TC-V, PRO25-29NTC-E, PRO25-29NTC-N, PRO25-29NTC-S, PRO25-29NTC-T, PRO25-29NTC-V, PRO25-29TC-E, PRO25-29TC-N, PRO25-29TC-S, PRO25-29TC-T, PRO25-29TC-V, PRO25-30NTC-E, PRO25-30NTC-N, PRO25-30NTC-S, PRO25-30NTC-T, PRO25-30NTC-V, 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PRO75-40NTC-T, PRO75-40NTC-V, PRO75-40TC-E, PRO75-40TC-N, PRO75-40TC-S, PRO75-40TC-T, PRO75-40TC-V, PRO125-19NTC-E, PRO125-19NTC-N, PRO125-19NTC-S, PRO125-19NTC-T, PRO125-19NTC-V, PRO125-19TC-E, PRO125-19TC-N, PRO125-19TC-S, PRO125-19TC-T, PRO125-19TC-V, PRO125-20NTC-E, PRO125-20NTC-N, PRO125-20NTC-S, PRO125-20NTC-T, PRO125-20NTC-V, PRO125-20TC-E, PRO125-20TC-N, PRO125-20TC-S, PRO125-20TC-T, PRO125-20TC-V, PRO125-29NTC-E, PRO125-29NTC-N, PRO125-29NTC-S, PRO125-29NTC-T, PRO125-29NTC-V, PRO125-29TC-E, PRO125-29TC-N, PRO125-29TC-S, PRO125-29TC-T, PRO125-29TC-V, PRO125-30NTC-E, PRO125-30NTC-N, PRO125-30NTC-S, PRO125-30NTC-T, PRO125-30NTC-V, PRO125-30TC-E, PRO125-30TC-N, PRO125-30TC-S, PRO125-30TC-T, PRO125-30TC-V, PRO125-39NTC-E, PRO125-39NTC-N, PRO125-39NTC-S, PRO125-39NTC-T, PRO125-39NTC-V, PRO125-39TC-E, PRO125-39TC-N, PRO125-39TC-S, PRO125-39TC-T, PRO125-39TC-V, PRO125-40NTC-E, PRO125-40NTC-N, PRO125-40NTC-S, PRO125-40NTC-T, PRO125-40NTC-V, PRO125-40TC-E, PRO125-40TC-N, PRO125-40TC-S, PRO125-40TC-T, PRO125-40TC-V, PRO150-19NTC-E, PRO150-19NTC-N, PRO150-19NTC-S, PRO150-19NTC-T, PRO150-19NTC-V, PRO150-19TC-E, PRO150-19TC-N, PRO150-19TC-S, PRO150-19TC-T, PRO150-19TC-V, PRO150-20NTC-E, PRO150-20NTC-N, PRO150-20NTC-S, PRO150-20NTC-T, PRO150-20NTC-V, PRO150-20TC-E, PRO150-20TC-N, PRO150-20TC-S, PRO150-20TC-T, PRO150-20TC-V, PRO150-29NTC-E, PRO150-29NTC-N, PRO150-29NTC-S, PRO150-29NTC-T, PRO150-29NTC-V, PRO150-29TC-E, PRO150-29TC-N, PRO150-29TC-S, PRO150-29TC-T, PRO150-29TC-V, PRO150-30NTC-E, PRO150-30NTC-N, PRO150-30NTC-S, PRO150-30NTC-T, PRO150-30NTC-V, PRO150-30TC-E, PRO150-30TC-N, PRO150-30TC-S, PRO150-30TC-T, PRO150-30TC-V, PRO150-39NTC-E, PRO150-39NTC-N, PRO150-39NTC-S, PRO150-39NTC-T, PRO150-39NTC-V, PRO150-39TC-E, PRO150-39TC-N, PRO150-39TC-S, PRO150-39TC-T, PRO150-39TC-V, PRO150-40NTC-E, PRO150-40NTC-N, PRO150-40NTC-S, PRO150-40NTC-T, PRO150-40NTC-V, PRO150-40TC-E, PRO150-40TC-N, PRO150-40TC-S, PRO150-40TC-T, PRO150-40TC-V, PRO200-19NTC-E, PRO200-19NTC-N, PRO200-19NTC-S, PRO200-19NTC-T, PRO200-19NTC-V, PRO200-19TC-E, PRO200-19TC-N, PRO200-19TC-S, PRO200-19TC-T, PRO200-19TC-V, PRO200-20NTC-E, PRO200-20NTC-N, PRO200-20NTC-S, PRO200-20NTC-T, PRO200-20NTC-V, PRO200-20TC-E, PRO200-20TC-N, PRO200-20TC-S, PRO200-20TC-T, PRO200-20TC-V, PRO200-29NTC-E, PRO200-29NTC-N, PRO200-29NTC-S, PRO200-29NTC-T, PRO200-29NTC-V, PRO200-29TC-E, PRO200-29TC-N, PRO200-29TC-S, PRO200-29TC-T, PRO200-29TC-V, PRO200-30NTC-E, PRO200-30NTC-N, PRO200-30NTC-S, PRO200-30NTC-T, PRO200-30NTC-V, PRO200-30TC-E, PRO200-30TC-N, PRO200-30TC-S, PRO200-30TC-T, PRO200-30TC-V, PRO200-39NTC-E, PRO200-39NTC-N, PRO200-39NTC-S, PRO200-39NTC-T, PRO200-39NTC-V, PRO200-39TC-E, PRO200-39TC-N, PRO200-39TC-S, PRO200-39TC-T, PRO200-39TC-V, PRO200-40NTC-E, PRO200-40NTC-N, PRO200-40NTC-S, PRO200-40NTC-T, PRO200-40NTC-V, PRO200-40TC-E, PRO200-40TC-N, PRO200-40TC-S, PRO200-40TC-T, PRO200-40TC-V, PRO250-19NTC-E, PRO250-19NTC-N, PRO250-19NTC-S, PRO250-19NTC-T, PRO250-19NTC-V, PRO250-19TC-E, PRO250-19TC-N, PRO250-19TC-S, PRO250-19TC-T, PRO250-19TC-V, PRO250-20NTC-E, PRO250-20NTC-N, PRO250-20NTC-S, PRO250-20NTC-T, PRO250-20NTC-V, PRO250-20TC-E, PRO250-20TC-N, PRO250-20TC-S, PRO250-20TC-T, PRO250-20TC-V, PRO250-29NTC-E, PRO250-29NTC-N, PRO250-29NTC-S, PRO250-29NTC-T, PRO250-29NTC-V, PRO250-29TC-E, PRO250-29TC-N, PRO250-29TC-S, PRO250-29TC-T, PRO250-29TC-V, PRO250-30NTC-E, PRO250-30NTC-N, PRO250-30NTC-S, PRO250-30NTC-T, PRO250-30NTC-V, PRO250-30TC-E, PRO250-30TC-N, PRO250-30TC-S, PRO250-30TC-T, PRO250-30TC-V, PRO250-39NTC-E, PRO250-39NTC-N, PRO250-39NTC-S, PRO250-39NTC-T, PRO250-39NTC-V, PRO250-39TC-E, PRO250-39TC-N, PRO250-39TC-S, PRO250-39TC-T, PRO250-39TC-V, PRO250-40NTC-E, PRO250-40NTC-N, PRO250-40NTC-S, PRO250-40NTC-T, PRO250-40NTC-V, PRO250-40TC-E, PRO250-40TC-N, PRO250-40TC-S, PRO250-40TC-T, PRO250-40TC-V
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